Intangible Assets

Valuing Intangible Assets now has become more important for most of the organization in this globalized world. Intangible assets are now playing an important role in value creation for some of the largest organization in the world. The intangible assets valuation part also plays an important role when companies undertake licensing agreements or alliances, evaluate R&D Projects, purchase of brands and mergers and acquisition. It has created an utmost need for valuation and finance professionals to understand the intangible assets and their impact.

Not only in India but around the globe, the demand for intangible assets valuation professional is on rise.

Master of Valuation (M Com) in KIV will provide the learner to give an expert level of knowledge in the field of Intangible assets valuation. The course gives deep insights in this emerging field to understand the use of various tools, metrics and models.

The differentiation of various intangible assets their valuation standards will be of focus during the studies. The implication of both Indian and Global tax laws will be studied in depth.

(* This course is under consideration and in near future student might be able to apply)