Gems & Jewelry

Our country has immense wealth in the form of Gems and jewellery held by individuals, households, temples etc. The value of these rich recourses need to assessed in professional manner using the right processes.

The gems, jewellery and the precious artifacts made by the artisans over a period require special attention from the point of scientific valuation.

An item of jewellery or artifact can have several values applied to it depending on the reason you want the valuation. This course is intended to set out some of the more usual purposes and functions of a jewellery appraisal and valuation reporting. The inputs are planned to take the students through a plethora of related knowledge of precious metals, gems their origins ,processing, manufacturing and market realities Master of Valuation (M Com) offered by us is comprehensive to include the valuation of all types of precious artifacts. The inputs driven by practicing professionals will enhance the learning experience. The opportunities to do case studies and work with practicing professionals offer immense career opportunities for the beginners.

(* This course is under consideration and in near future student might be able to apply)